GRAFFITI TAG YOUR NAME (sample video lesson)

Hey BARS fam,

Check out this quick demo of one of the lessons you get when you download the Baba Got BARS Album!

Write your name in Graffiti on the page marked “Graffiti Tag Your Name”. As an example I have written my name in Graffiti. I chose to write my name is bubble letters. I am not a professional Graffiti writer, and I’m assuming that neither are you. It does not matter. You can write your name in whatever style you’d like. It could be box letters, 3-D, spider webs, hearts, kisses, explosions, flames, snakes, plants, squiggly lines, or whatever style you think fits. You cannot get this wrong because it is an artistic expression of your name.  If your “H” has an extra six legs on it, that’s fine.  If you make a “mistake” just tell everyone you did it on purpose. If you run out of space as you’re writing your name, just make the letters wrap around or write them on top of each other. “The only answer that’s wrong is an answer that’s blank”. 

One of the main reasons to start with graffiti is to get the creative juices free and flowing in your brain. Another is to illustrate this key point:

This book is supposed to look messy when you’re done with it. All the pages except the PUBLISHING page should be scribbled over, with writing outside the margins and over the lines. At some point I expect you to lose to yourself in a game of tic-tac-toe in the corner of a random page as you are lost in imagination coming up with your next BAR. If the pages are not at least a little bit messy you are not doing it right!

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