BabaGotBARS Vol I

“ASK the right questions IMAGINE how to solve them/ PLAN out each and every move/
CREATE a solution to the problem/ see what works and then IMPROVE/ “

Baba Got BARS vol I is the companion EP for the BARS (Bomani Armah wRiting System) curriculum featuring the music used in Baba Bomani’s residencies, workshops and assemblies! Beginning with “3 Rules of Creative Writing” and “4 Ways to Rhyme”, this project is a perfect supplement and inspiration for 3rd graders and higher to encourage them to write rhymes. The “Syllable Game” is a favorite amongst pre-K students to 3rd graders, as well as an incredible ice-breaker. The “E.D.P. (Engineering Design Process)” is an in depth look at this basic problem solving fundamental for 3rd graders all the way through grade school, and can be supplemented with the song writing lesson plans found in the B.A.R.S. curriculum.  Check out the first single and promo video for Engineering Design Process!

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