Professional Development

Bomani Armah and Baba Got Bars has been introducing educators to Hip-Hop as a literacy teaching tool for the last 5 years. Partnering with organizations including the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts CETA Program, Prince George’s County Schools, and Anne Arundel County Schools, Bomani has developed a series of Professional Development opportunities showing teachers how to stimulate student’s creative writing through Hip-Hop.

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Creative hip-hop songwriting is unique in its ability to:

  • Engage students by funneling their enthusiasm for the pop culture phenomenon of hip-hop, into an introduction of creative writing skills
  • Bring the writing concepts of Ideas and Word Choice to the forefront of understanding, by engaging the whole child; voice and body
  • Encourage and challenge students to increase their vocabulary by identifying rhyme words, synonyms and antonyms
  • Allow teachers to assess understanding of the student’s ability to communicate thoughts verbally
  • Allow students to grow their ability to communicate clear, creative ideas both verbally and demonstratively
  • Guide students in finding their authentic writer’s voice
  • Provide an effective tool for increasing the ability to comprehend and use vocabulary effectively.

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