GRAFFITI TAG YOUR NAME (sample video lesson)

Hey BARS fam, Check out this quick demo of one of the lessons you get when you download the Baba Got BARS Album! Write your name in Graffiti on the page marked “Graffiti Tag Your Name”. As an example I have written my name in Graffiti. I chose to write my name is bubble letters.Continue reading “GRAFFITI TAG YOUR NAME (sample video lesson)”

Students Get Help Writing Lyrics

As part of a local partnership team consisting of Chautauqua Institution, Jamestown Public Schools and the Chautauqua Lake Central School District and the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts Partners in Education Program, Baba Bomani, a Washington, D.C., artist recently guided Ring and Love Elementary School and Jamestown High School ninth grade EnglishContinue reading “Students Get Help Writing Lyrics”