Assemblies & Performances

Bomani’s program is a solo interactive performance, featuring music videos, multi-media presentations, call and response, and rhythmic movement with the audience. Students will rap along to original, professionally released music by Bomani, as well as songs introducing his tips on how to be a better creative writer. Students will also learn historical facts about the birth and development of hip-hop culture and its elements.

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Presentations currently offered by BabaGotBars:

Baba Got Bars: A fun introduction to the history and elements of Hip-Hop culture, as well as inspirational performances and videos designed to get students excited about writing.

Frederick Douglass and the Fight for Literacy: A multi-media mix of music, rap, and videos exploring the life and career of Frederick Douglass, starting with his seminal work The Narrative of the Life of a Slave, through his career as an abolitionist speaker, to his founding and publishing of several newspapers including the North Star.This assembly provides students with an exciting historical introduction to literacy, by highlighting Douglass’ fight for education as the ultimate form of rebellion, and serves as a tangible example for students as to why their education is important.

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