Kennedy Center Hip-Hop teaching artist engages through CETA partnership

Briann Dunn, APSU Published 10:27 a.m. CT Oct. 14, 2019

John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts teaching artist, Bomani Armah, stood at the front of Kenwood Middle School’s library on

Oct. 3 with more than 60 students staring at him.Kennedy Center teaching artist, Bomani Armah, leads about 60 Kenwood Middle School students in a hip-hop writing class. Grabbing the sides of your head and blasting your hands out symbolize pre-writing in Armah’s hip-hop dance.“I want to make sure you learn these five steps of the writing process, I found a real easy way to remember the five steps,” he said. “I want to show it to you. If you follow these five steps, I promise you everything you write will be better.” 

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